Facials | Gesichtsbehandlungen


Anti Couperose Treatment [Cell Jet]

[Lymphatic drainage for Blood Vessels]

[Lymphdrainage der Kapillargefässe]

75,00 EURO


Antiox Solution Treatment [MDA | DP]

[Highest Antioxidants for Skin]

[Aktiver Radikalschutz gegen die Zellalterung]

99,00 EURO


Rejuvenation Power Peel [PCA Peel | MDA | DP]

[Building new Cells]

[Aktive Zellerneuerung]

85,00 EURO


Oxygen III Step Lifting Power Treatment [soft Chemical Peel]

[Oxygen Power to activating and getting silky Complexion]

[Sauerstoffkur für frische Zellen]

130,00 EURO


Vitamin C | Collagen Treatment [Cell Jet]

[Collagen restructuring for more Elasticity]

[Collagenaufbau für straffe Konturen]

99,00 EURO


Deep Hyaluron Treatment [MDA]

[Hydration pluming for dry Skin]

[Feuchtigkeit Pur für pralle Zellen]

110,00 EURO


Anti Spot Ex Depigmentaion Treatment [Chemical Peel | Cryotheratpy]

[To lose Spots and getting harmonious Complexion]

[Depigmentationskur für einen ebenmäßigen Teint]

70,00 EURO


Micro Needling

[Intense Rejuvenation | Scar Treatment]

[Komplette Hauterneuerung | Narben Behandlung]

150,00 EURO



[Cleansing | Peeling | Blood Circulation | Priming Activating | Relaxing]

[Reinigung | Peeling | Durchblutung | Wirkstoff | Massage]

70,00 EURO


Beauty Extras

[Behandlung Extras]

Waxing                      10,00 EURO

Kollagenflies             25,00 EURO

Ampullenkur              20,00 EURO

Augenmaske             10,00 EURO

Kryotherapie | Spot  15,00 EURO



[Cleansing | Peeling | Blood Circulation | Priming Activating]

[Reinigung | Peeling | Durchblutung | Wirkstoff]

60,00 EURO



Beauty aesthetic


Natural Permanent Make-Up by PHIBROWS

Manuel | Technical: Blading single Hairs [Härchenzeichnung]

300,00 EURO


Natural Permanent Make-Up by PHIBROWS

Shading Contour [Schattierung]      

420,00 EURO 


Natural Permanent Make Up

[Lidstrich Oberlid | Unterlid]   150,00 EURO

[Lidstrich Oberlid & Unterlid] 300,00 EURO


Permanent Make-Up Dressing | Touch Up                    

180,00 EURO


After Care Protection Permanent Make Up

[Pflege Balm]

19,00 Euro


Brows Correction | Colouring Lashes & Brows    
[Augenbrauen Korrektur | Farbakzente Wimpern & Augenbrauen]
30,00 EURO


Henna Brows styling                           
[Augenbrauen Korrektur + Semi permanent färben]   

50,00 EURO


Bridal Make-Up by HORST KIRCHBERGER                   
[Braut Make-Up]

50,00 EURO




from [ab] 50,00 EURO